Welcome to the National Association of Community First Responders (NACFR) website.

This Association has been established by a small number of volunteers, most of whom have had extensive experience in first responding to emergency medical calls and all of whom are passionate about the need for First Responder Schemes in our Community to prevent loss of life or unnecessary suffering prior to the arrival of the emergency services.

These original Trustees believe that there should be a national organization to reflect the views of the Community First Responder Groups throughout the UK to ensure that there are few unnecessary barriers which reduce the support that they are able to provide for their Communities.

The Trustees see themselves purely as the founders of the Association and expect that, once membership of the Association grows and represents CFR Groups throughout the UK, then it will be for those members to appoint the Associations Trustees or Board of Directors and to agree the Aim, Charter and Rules and Regulations of the Association which will be a registered Charity.

If you want to find out more about what a Community First Responder does, click here.