Aims and Objectives

What are the aims of the NACFR?

The initial Aims of the Association are as follows:

To outline the value of the establishment of a National Association for Community First Responder Groups throughout the UK to encourage membership who will then decide the priorities of action, the management and the rules of the Association.

To gain support for the formation of such an Association from:

  1. The national Governments of the UK, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland,
  2. The UK NHS – England Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  3. The Police, Fire and Ambulance Services throughout the UK.
  4. From UK local authorities.
  5. From national organisations, Charities and key individuals with an interest in saving live and caring for the sick and injured e.g. St Johns Ambulance, British Red Cross, RNLI, British Heart Association, Royal Life Saving Society, Defence Medical Services,

The NACFR will be established as non-profit making Charitable organization and will be registered with the Charity Commission.