Frequently Asked Questions

Why have we not heard of the NACFR before?

This project has been discussed with some CFRs and non CFR’s who work with the CFR community in the UK. A large amount of people were not made aware of this project due to some history – one of our trustees had an idea to create a charity that could massively improve survival rates. He put in lots of time to get the project up and running and it was doing so effectively. The idea, concept and company name was then picked up by someone else who set it up as a company himself with several official protections put in place to say that he was the originator and owner of the site/idea. He then attempted to get his version recognised as the original in the courts and charge our trustee a massive fee to sell this set up back to him. This obviously was very annoying when the intention of the original idea and set up was to be a charity base to help with the saving of life and had been funded purely from the community and by people willing to put in 100’s of volunteer hours. Our trustee was obviously wary of a repeat occurring and so some steps have been taken in order to protect the intellectual property this time around to prevent what should be a non for profit charity from being misappropriated

We still have various meetings planned with people in strategic places that can be a great help to the CFR community. A couple of these have now occurred and can be seen on our twitter/facebook pages. I’m sure you understand it would not be right to publish some of these intentions until the development of the ideas has reached a further stage.

What does my £10 fee go to?

The membership for a CFR is £10. For this, we are planning; the creation, and access to, various online CPD resources, a national database of CFRs – logging individual’s skill level and the kit provision across the UK to look at how we can bring about uniformity, interoperability (for example moving house to another region and not having to retrain) and also the maintenance and upkeep of the first and largest national database of public access defibrillators ( There are future plans as well of additional benefits that membership will include. Although as these plans are still being finalised it would not be right to publish them as yet. It should also be noted that as the NACFR begins to offer more for membership it is envisioned that most groups would actively buy into membership for their CFRs rather than the CFRs paying their own membership as the association will offer various benefits as it develops.

A few things should be clarified here, the defibtracker website, in one form or another has been around for a few years now. It was intended to be the national PAD database and was endorsed by St John Ambulance, Red Cross, two NHS Ambulance Trusts, two Fire Services, Community Heartbeat Trust, SADS and various other community organisations. This NACFR subscription is to maintain the website hosting, and the data accuracy not to access the data. We wholeheartedly believe that PAD site information should be public and available to everyone that wants to access it – as is the full intention. We also agree that an app would be much more suitable, this is being backed by David Davis from NHS England IT.

Trustees of the NACFR are not paid any wages or salary for the positions they hold. They do not benefit personally from their positions within the charity.

What is the status of the NACFR?

We have applied for charity status as a CIO. The application is currently in progress, we have received an application number and a handful of questions from the charities commission. These questions are being answers and sent back to the charities commission. We home to have formal approval in the very near future.

Why won’t you answer CFRs questions on the biggest CFR groups FB page? Over 2000 members are you ignoring them?

Several questions were answered on our own webpage that were brought up in the relevant Facebook page. These are still available on our website. More responses like this one will be added in due course.

Can I wear the NACFR polo shirt when responding for my trust?

The polo shirt was set up to be a supporters t-shirt, much like you can buy a supporters t-shirt for your favourite sports teams, the BHF, many cancer charities and more.

How can you represent CFRs when the trusts don’t want to even entertain you?

At present we have one ambulance trust CEO on our board of trustees. We are in talks, and have meetings with or have had meetings with two other ambulance trusts at present. As this progresses, we will update the NACFR website.

Who appointed you to represent CFRs?

Many reports from the Resuscitation Council (UK) and other national organisations have recommended the standardisation of CFRs across the country. Some trusts have invested and progressed much more than other trusts with their CFRs. Why should communities within the UK, particularly very rural ones, have a post code lottery on whether they get a CFR who can attend and treat a child in cardiac arrest, whether they can provide Entonox to a broken leg or administer adrenaline to an anaphylactic reaction. The current trustees of the NACFR are seeking to set up the structure for this consistency to develop. This will be with the intention of AGMs, nominations of trustees and officers by the membership in due course. We are purely the founding members of the organisation. Many people who are involved in community response have commented to us that a national standard should be driven for. We are seeking to assist in the development of this.

Do CFRs really need a voice?

From conversations with many at the Emergency Services who over recent years, yes, many CFRs believe consistency should be introduced to CFRs. Why can there be consistency with police specials, retained firefighters, RNLI, ALSAR and many other organisations.