defibtracker_logoSome of you may be aware of a push to have a database of Public Access Defibrillator locations that is available, at no cost, to all. DefibTracker ( has been working towards this aim for several years. DefibTracker was previously run by a different charity however after extended negotiation the NACFR have agreed to host and update DefibTracker to ensure it’s continued growth and accuracy. This agreement has recently come to fruition and the change over is now taking place.There are still several technical steps to go, but this will all be in place soon, without any loss of data.

What will you notice?
A few changes in logos and wording on the DefibTracker site, but it will still remain as the largest PAD site database in the UK. There is still a lot of work to be done, with new data being added regularly and older data needing to be checked.

Why put DefibTracker under the banner of the NACFR?
The concept of both is the same; saving of life and giving the community the ability, knowledge and equipment to do so and bringing about a standard across the UK. The NACFR are in a better position to update and maintain the database for the future.

What do we need?
We need to know about any defibs that are not on the DefibTracker database and would like to be added. We’d also like to know about any that you believe have moved, are no longer available, or are only available during limited hours due to opening times of buildings.

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